WoNK News || Edition #003 || Event Catch-Up!
In this *very short* blog our Keeper of Messengers reached out to all the participants of the Event "Unity Fair" to ask for a few words about the experience!

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Avanora Nettle

Avanora Nettle tysm for reaching out to me, glad i could be of help!

Lark Cresswell

Lark Cresswell Oh- MVP o.o I'm honored I- Tati why would you stalk my duels smh, jkjk ily ♥️ Also Elliot can you please teach me how to duel properly and not yank people to the ground as a strategy even though it works apparently xD I'll probably need some wisdom classes with Soren too...

Soren Sin

Soren Sin So good!! I loved the event, it was great fun. And yes, I am quite wise, no? xD

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