WoNKy Brackets || Edition #001
A fun new game for the users to vote and decide on their favourite main characters from the world of Narnia!

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Niris Indrid

Niris Indrid EUSTACE!!!!!!!!!

Wren Oriel

Wren Oriel Eustace!!

Camaria Everhart

Camaria Everhart Eustace. Yes, definitely.

Abigail Benson

Abigail Benson Eustace Scrubb

Evanora Raven

Evanora Raven Eustace!

Nova Deserie

Nova Deserie Eustace for sure! :')

Rialta Lahti

Rialta Lahti 100% Eustace Scrubb. Ginarrbrik is a really stupid- er, weird name.

Elliot Lovell

Elliot Lovell Eustace please!

Banished Citizen

Banished Citizen E u s t a n c e

Miramin Runir

Miramin Runir Eustance

Jonathan Hassell

Jonathan Hassell I did not much care for that dwarf at all, so I shall side with my fellows and choose Eustace.

Lark Cresswell

Lark Cresswell Eustace Scrubb :>

Lacoste Allevo

Lacoste Allevo Le Eustace Scrubb :o

Rosalind Castelart

Rosalind Castelart Eustace please!

Leah Wright

Leah Wright Eustace Scrubb ;-;

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