WoNKy Brackets || Edition #008
Susan Pevensie vs. Digory Kirke, who is your favourite!?

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Niris Indrid

Niris Indrid I think I will have to go against the current and Digory. He's just a very sweet guy.

Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper Susan!!

Lyra Goldstone

Lyra Goldstone Susan! :]

Tatiana Valiente

Tatiana Valiente Susan. No question, just Susan.

Rialta Lahti

Rialta Lahti Susannnn n.n

Lark Cresswell

Lark Cresswell Susan Susan Susan :3

Banished Citizen

Banished Citizen Susannn!

Isabel Lyons

Isabel Lyons Susan Pevensie!

Nadia Aerin

Nadia Aerin Susan Pevensie

Susan War

Susan War Susan Pevensie

Madeline Garcia

Madeline Garcia Uh...one word: Susan

Melaina Mezzlahalle

Melaina Mezzlahalle Susan Pevensie

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