WoNKy Brackets || Edition #011
In this new edition of WoNKy Brackets, the readers need to make another difficult choice... Edmund Pevensie or Reepicheep?

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Skylar Raven

Skylar Raven Reepicheep for me :P

Calypso Everhart

Calypso Everhart A tie so far! Turns out it was an easy (Reepicheep) choice only for me xD

Glacia Slayer

Glacia Slayer Reepicheep

Alexia Harlow

Alexia Harlow Reepicheep!

Rory Ashton

Rory Ashton edmund

Theo Gardener

Theo Gardener edmund

Isabella Snapdragon

Isabella Snapdragon reepicheep!

Isabel Lyons

Isabel Lyons Wait- this is an easy choice? D: Uhh- Edmund I guess?

Calliope Lore

Calliope Lore Edmund!

Adira Rose

Adira Rose Ooh I am going with reepicheep

Telavirn Rivalben

Telavirn Rivalben Reepicheep

Madeline Garcia

Madeline Garcia um-Edmund...

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