A Series of Interviews || Edition #001
In this brand new blog, Calypso will be interviewing our staff! Tune in to not miss out on any of the interesting sayings

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Adeline Wilson

Adeline Wilson this is such an amazing interview and blog, it was definitely very interesting!! :3

Tarah Hargrove

Tarah Hargrove I love this! Great interview and amazing series Calypso!

Madeleine Page

Madeleine Page AURE HI ILY UR AMAZING and an amazing interview too hehehe

Tresmia Everhart

Tresmia Everhart Aurelia, we absolutely adore you! A brilliant interview, Calypso :-)

Alyxandra Torres

Alyxandra Torres love you so much, Aurelalaila

Azucena Garcia

Azucena Garcia AURE we love you seriously so much. You're doing amazing and pfff, you're doing great! You're so appreciated and this was fun to read. I can't wait for future editions!

Liri Venturine

Liri Venturine What a great start to this new series! It's wonderful to get a peek behind the scenes with our illustrious Empress. Can't wait for more interviews.

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