WoNKy Brackets || Edition #005
Aziel picks the blog up where Gwendolyn left it for another great edition of the WoNKy Brackets!!

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Niris Indrid

Niris Indrid Why do you have to do it like that?!? Sadly, I think I'll go with Reepicheep

Rialta Lahti

Rialta Lahti shdjsgdh how dARE you make me chose from these two- but I'm gonna have to go Reepicheep too, I'm so sorry Jill T^T

Alyxandra Torres

Alyxandra Torres D: I'm horrified that you're making me choose between the first Mouse King and the wonderful Jill- but I have to agree with the students, Reepicheep is my choice

Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper Oh, definitely Reepicheep!

Lark Cresswell

Lark Cresswell Reepicheep, yep.

Leah Wright

Leah Wright have to go with Reepicheep on this one

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