WoNKy Brackets || Edition #007
The debate continues with Peter Pevensie vs. Mr. Tumnus!!

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Lark Cresswell

Lark Cresswell D:< And you expect me to pick between these two? D: *eeny, meeny, miny, moe* Peter it is. I mean he is fabulous c:

Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper Oh this is hard, but I'm going for Peter!

Tatiana Valiente

Tatiana Valiente Butbutbut :shooketh: AZIEL DON'T BE MEAN fine fine, Peter just because Peter.

Madeline Garcia

Madeline Garcia Hmmmmm.....Peter for the same reason below!

Rialta Lahti

Rialta Lahti Without a doubt High King Peter of Spare Oom, from the city of War Drobe. Sorry, Tumnus - you DID work for the Witch at one point, though.

Melaina Mezzlahalle

Melaina Mezzlahalle Mr. Tumnus

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