Shiny, So Shiny || Edition #001
A new blog by our very own, Lorikni Qinthana! Tune in and learn about gemstones!

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Azucena Garcia

Azucena Garcia SHINY SO COOL! Oh my gosh I love this blog so much! I don't really have a suggestion but I can't wait for the next one... oh yeah actually we should talk about Auries! She's such a gem!

Tarah Hargrove

Tarah Hargrove I think the sapphire is my birthstone, but I am not entirely sure!

Tresmia Everhart

Tresmia Everhart I agree, Aurie is a gem xD I love all things crystals and gemstones so this is going to be amazing! Love your work, Loki!

Aurelia Darrow

Aurelia Darrow I am a gemstone that should be featured xD But really I love this Loki! Also can we talk about Alexandrite in one feature? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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