WoNKy Brackets || Edition #009
This week the debate to find the favourite character continues! Now it's Eustace Scrubb vs. Lucy Pevensie

- From : Calypso Everhart

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Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper Lucy!!

Eris Deimos

Eris Deimos Lucy

Tatiana Valiente

Tatiana Valiente Lucy, Lucy, Lucyyy

Jaeger Mare

Jaeger Mare as much as I love both characters, Im going to have to go with Lucy. She was the first one to find Narnia and it was great growing up alongside her.

Rialta Lahti

Rialta Lahti I'm going Eustace. I loved his character arc!

Madeline Garcia

Madeline Garcia Well, you see, for me, it's not too hard! Lucy Pevensie. Period.

Adira Rose

Adira Rose Oh I love this idea! My vote is hands down Lucy Pevensie <3

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